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Mystical Expressionism
Biographical Profile
 I.  Personal Profile
New York based American professional artist for 37 years.
Highly disciplined and energetic, with a daily regime of exercise, painting, and organic cooking.
Focused on family and concern for the well being of others.
In perfect health and at the peak of personal productivity.

II.  Education
Master of Fine Arts — Painting
Bachelor of Fine Arts — Sculpture
Master of Arts — Advanced Economics
Faculty of Science — Physics, Chemistry

III.  Contributions/Accomplishments
Originator of Mystical Expressionism. The nouveau international Avant-garde style-deemed by art historian/critic Donald Kuspit.
A.  Ritualistic/Meditative dance in/ On the painting surface.
B.  Collaborative union between the process of painting and the forces of nature.
Sole originator of Fresco Tempera and Pigmentation on Cork - New mediums of painting.
Completed several thousand pieces of artwork including sculpture, paintings, frescoes, pastels, photography, and drawings.
Works are in 3500 private collections in the United States.

IV.  Publications
Jamali and his works are featured in over 100 documentary videos
Over 600 pages in volumes published by Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.
Eight catalogs published by Mardan Publishing.
Biography in the works.
Sixty video tapes

V.  Exhibition History
100 one man shows in the U.S.A
Displaying in over 9,000 private and corporate collections around the world.

VI. Collection
60,000  pieces of artwork including paintings, sculptures, frescos, photography  and poetry.  One of the most prolific artists throughout history.
A. All work(s) done by the artist - no studio assistants.
B. Works digitized in high resolution files,  using Better Light System.

VII.  Facility
Studios and facilities total 50,000 sq. ft. in New York, Florida, and Denmark, designed by the artist himself.

VIII.  Fund raising and Foundation
The Jamali Foundation has contributed to over 50 charities throughout the United States.

IX.  Business
Production,  distribution, and administration are carried out by a staff of 25  trained personnel from the Winter Park, Florida
location to sixty  established showrooms and galleries throughout the country.
Business entities include:
Art and Peace, Inc.
Mardan Publishing, Inc.
Jamali Fine Art, L.L.C.
Jamali / Susan League Foundation Inc.
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